About us

PLK is a manufacturer of loudspeakers and related products. Location: Russia, Ekaterinburg.

We make the sound better …


Back in 2005, a team of engineers, musicians and lovers of good sound joined to “Ekaterinburg Sound Laboratory” to produce acoustics, tube amplifiers, as well as acoustic systems modernizing.

In the course of many years of research our team has achieved significant success in the manufacture of interconnect cables and acoustic wires, which made it possible to get the best product in terms of price-quality ratio and to move to a higher level at the same costs.

A line of tube amplifiers has been developed and is getting released in the nearest future.Their construction involved a number of new interesting solutions. Over the years, we have gained tremendous experience in creating loudspeakers: the best solutions for designing and building thebodies have been found and tested, design of our own filters has been developed and the speakers have been mastered.

In 2018 our inventions became a matter of great interest for investors and we got the opportunity to translate our ideas on an industrial scale. This is the way PLK appeared.The main objective of the company was to enter both Russian and the global market of products. At the same time, the approach to work remained unchanged: a strong desire to surprise and please our customers with high-quality emotional sound.


The basis of our production is high professionalism and dedication to the work of our team, when everyone strives to bring his task to perfection. Our production has three sections. The first one is modeling; in the second section, we manufacture bodies for future acoustic systems; the third section involves assembly of wires and amplifiers.

All our experts are provided with the best tools and equipment. Quality control is carried out strictly and uncompromisingly. This applies to both the external performance and the sound itself.


Our sound is born from the desire to raise the listener to a new, higher level of emotion from listening to music.This is a desire to stun even the most sophisticated connoisseur, forcing him to smile or even laugh with joy. That is why at the stage of final adjustment of our systems we pay so much attention to controlling the quality of its sounding. Of course, we pay due attention to the objective characteristics of the systems, too, for which the most modern measuring equipment is used and as a result all our products have impeccable technical data. However, the main thing for us is the emotions that our customers receive. The brighter they are, the better we coped with our task.


Special emphasis on quality has always been a hallmark of our team. This concerns not only the sound quality and the appearance of our systems. We pay great attention to impeccable attitude to our clients offering them the most comfortable conditions such as:

  • Five-day test period during which the client can return the purchased goods and get back the money
  • Full warranty from three to five years (except for lamps) with the right to transfer a guarantee to a new buyer
  • After-sales servicing
  • Careful worldwide shipping in cooperation with DHL
  • Ability to purchase from the manufacturer
  • Ability to manufacture client systems
  • Favorable exchange of used PLK components for a more expensive product from our range
  • Quality and safe packaging
  • Organization of pre-listening