The system history

The acoustic system history goes back to 2005, when the idea of ​​creating of an uncompromising hi-end acoustics began from searching for and working out the best acoustic solutions. Over the years, a lot of experience has been gained in the construction of speakers, which brought us closer to the dream with every new and next design. The dream was to create an absolutely flawless acoustic system, which would embody all our knowledge, the best components, as well as the best solutions in design and construction of the system body, accumulated by our team.

In 2016 we started program planning of the system after which our team began a long process of modeling, carefully examining all possible options while searching for an absolutely flawless solution.

We created seven prototypes, oneof which meeting the above requirementswas left after careful selection.

After months of work, an option appeared on which everything and everybody concurred. Energy and nature of the system was felt even at the modeling stage.

Hand assembly of the system bodies, high qualification of our experts, impeccability of external and internal works, — there is quality in every step and detail.

In our production we use the best tools and equipment, as well as high-quality accurate measuring equipment on the principle of «The best for the best.» All components of the system selected or manufactured by our engineers, have survived the cut and deserve their place of honor by right.